Hi, I'm Jess. Let me pour you a drink.

Mexico Adventure

This is a space to embrace those moments in-between our daily rigeur and laugh a little at the reality that is being a woman in the 21st century

I joined Scotch & the Fox because I was inspired by the fierce energy of a lady fox, and truth that scotch can free your inhibitions. Every person should feel comfortable enough to embrace their adventuress; in word, in song, in dance or whatever brings light to your world. We work, we eat we sleep, and sometimes we forget to pursue joy. So we will. Here. Now. Until... 

Belly up at the bar, babes. It's time for a chat. 


Hi, I'm Claire. Welcome to the fox den.

I created Scotch & The Fox to empower women to share their vulnerability as a means of transforming their insecurities into strengths. I wanted to showcase inspiring women in my city who were using their truth to empower others--whether that meant starting a business, transforming pain into art, or simply being their authentic selves. I've always held a passionate belief that women are more than just the binary oppositions society selects for us--either pretty or smart, kind or ambitious. This space showcases the lives and stories of the women I've met who don't fit into those molds. Women who are bold and vulnerable, funny and philosophical--women who share their truth.

In modern culture, a fox is a term given to an attractive female, but I like who she represents in the animal kingdom much more: she is a quick-witted and cunning creature; she anticipates her next move. Scotch is a powerful drink that deserves to be savored, a moment between friends where deep truths can be exchanged and belly laughs are expected. S&TF represents the playful and the serious, the smart and the funny, the ambition and the gentleness within all of us that deserves to be seen, shown, and heard.

So pour yourself a glass of the good stuff and stay a while. If you have a story you'd like to share, drop a line to scotchandthefox@gmail.com