Salon Hacks: Simple Tricks for Salon Tresses

By Megan McDougall

As much as we’d all love to afford a trip to the salon every week, that’s just not possible. And sometimes even buying our favorite products to pamper ourselves can be a stretch. But we foxes are crafty and industrious- so we learn to make do.

Winter in Minneapolis is the cruelest joke anyone could play on me, especially my hair. The second Jack Frost makes his first visit to my window; my hair immediately becomes drier and more brittle. Now if I had it my way and my pockets overflowethed, I would no doubt purchase a lifetime supply of Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment. Unfortunately, my pockets aren’t so much overflowing, as they’re typically just empty- but that’s okay!

When you’re (click on that. Just do it), you need to find ways to feel luxurious and pamper yourself in the small ways you can. You don’t need loads of money to feel beautiful and here at Scotch & The Fox- we thrive on thrifty shortcuts that get the job done. So for all the foxes looking for a quick and easy way to get your tresses feeling soft and revived, we have found a little trick for you to try at home. Bonus: it’s ridiculously easy.

At-Home Hair Masque

What you’ll need:

Coconut oil


Saran Wrap

That’s literally all it takes.

In a bowl, mix equal parts coconut oil to honey (more or less of each depending on how long your hair is). When you’ve reached a good mixture- microwave for about 30-40 seconds, or until the coconut oil has melted.

It works best to apply on wet hair, but it’s not necessary- do as you may. Wrap a towel around your shoulders as to avoid sticky spillage and begin applying to your mane. Make sure to really saturate the tips! Once you’ve finished applying the mixture, put hair in a makeshift bun atop your head and begin wrapping your head in saran wrap, turban style. Let your hair sit for about a half hour, then wash thoroughly. And then get ready for the softest, greatest smelling hair you’ve had since the last time you walked out of the salon. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and it works. What more could a fox want?