Daylight Savings Scones

Because yes, those are a thing and, if you're going to get away with getting an extra hour of sleep, you should definitely celebrate with something baked and yummy.

I don't know about you, but my usual weekday breakfast makes me kind of sad. A half-eaten piece of toast here, some lonesome granola there. Who has time to properly sit down and enjoy the kind of scones one was meant to enjoy? You do, my friend. When you get an extra hour of sleep.

I wish we all had a million hours in a day to do whatever we please. If it were up to me, I would "believe six impossible things before breakfast" as the Queen of Hearts once said. But things need to get done, so less practical matters--like daydreams and scone-making--often get left behind. NOT TODAY. I adapted these little guys from this ole' recipe, but threw in some white chocolate chunks and left out the glaze. No one has time for a glaze, even the most adamant believers in the impossible. Plus, they're sweet enough so that you don't need it. Cheers to an extra hour of doing whatever you please, and shoving your face with delicious bits of sugar and butter.