Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Space

Today I feel the need to talk about something I know nothing about. Are you up for the challenge of following along?

You're so brave. Recently I've found myself in my first grown-lady apartment without a clue on how to make it feel like a home. If any of you have been lucky enough to get a peek inside Megan's place, everything is pretty adorably put together. She has an eye for design I just don't possess. But I've made some baby steps lately that I thought I'd share with anyone else who's found themselves somewhere between an Urban Outfitters-decorated dorm and a settled-and-comfortable pottery barn-clad rambler. Let's channel our inner Britney and say this mantra aloud together: my apartment is not a girl, not yet a woman.

Some VERY simple things anyone can do to make her starter space start to feel like home:

1) Buy flowers. More specifically, flowers you won't kill.

I love fresh flowers. Scratch that, I'm IN love with fresh flowers. I talk baby talk to them, I close my eyes and murmur sweet nothings to them, and I physically want to hug every tulip I see. Sadly, I can rarely remember to keep them alive. (Really great sign of my nurturing instincts!) Enter: succulents. Not only are they hardy, but you've no doubt seen them on instagram because they're so trendy and look impeccable smothered in a vsco filter...don't act like you don't know!

2) Make a serene bedtime spot.

It doesn't take much to create a sense of calm in your bedroom. For me, that simply meant painting an old night-stand table white and clearing it of the clutter that usually accumulates: dream journals, vicks vapo rub, three lip balms, etc. A little lavender or reed diffuser will ease your senses, and peaceful symbols will ensure sweet dreams free from worry. 

3) Hunt and gather.

This is one instinct I'm trying to hone in my twenties: hunting and gathering for eclectic pieces that can serve a unique purpose. This beautiful mirrored tray was a solid $5 and now gives my naughty perfume habit a place to reside, guilt-free.

4) Organize your damn jewelry.

The last time I successfully organized jewelry was in a caboodle. It was pink and turquoise and the flyest thing since a Spice Girls notebook. I was seven and wrote "KEEP OUT" on it with bold magic markers, as if the secrets of the universe were hidden in my jelly bracelets. Anyway, I finally purchased a wooden organizer from Etsy that gets to sit pretty on my blue-colored walls, but you can find the artisan one of your choice just about anywhere.