Greater Goods

Where we spend our money matters. When we shop at big name stores, we can’t always be sure where that money goes. But when we shop locally, when we can meet the store owner--and even her dog!--we get to know the people behind the products. What they care about. How they make their art. And most importantly, how they give back to their community. Enter: Greater Goods.

Lauren Gryniewski and her husband Joel started their business in San Francisco back in 2007, running it mostly out of their apartment. They’ve only opened up a physical storefront--called Greater Goods--this past November, in an airy, light-filled space off 25th and Nicollet. The Gryniewskis fill with the shop with their own original lines of greeting cards: Old Tom Foolery and Modern Lore, as well as cards by companies like Bench Press and Rifle Paper Company. Also for sale at Greater Goods? A gift for just about any occasion.

From bourbon mixers to mustache wax to swaddling blankets and jewelry holders, visitors can rest assured that whatever the occasion, there’s a Good for that. And it seems Lauren and Joel were just as purposeful about the location of the store as the goods inside it. “We love this neighborhood,” she tells us of Eat Street. “It’s so diverse. And there are lot of young business owners in this little stretch, so it’s a great community.”

Lauren and Joel met in advertising school—Lauren was an art director and Joel a copywriter. “We’re a good balance,” Lauren says. “I kind of fly by the seat of my pants and Joel's more of a perfectionist. And he’s super visual for a writer”

One thing they can both agree on? Giving back to their community, donating a portion of the shop's proceeds to local organizations they believe in. This year's recipient? The Youth Art Programs at MCAD.

And as if this weren’t reason enough to give these guys a visit, there just so happens to be an adorable Southern gentleman named Ryder ready to greet you upon your arrival. “He’s made a lot of friends,” Lauren admits. “Someone walking around Lake Harriet the other day shouted ‘Hey Ryder!’ as we walked by. It’s nice.”