Truce Juice

Truce owners Blaire Molitor and Allie Pohlad are triple threats: they're young, beautiful, and successful business owners. Get the inside scoop on how Truce juice is made--and what being a female entrepreneur means to them. 

You might not suspect that behind the glass door of 1428 W. 32nd Street, inside the clean, white walls; beyond the neat chalkboard writing and case of colorful juices, a sleeping beast lays ready to be awoken for its daily task. The beast in question exerts thousands of pounds of pressure each morning, carefully squeezing every nutrient and enzyme out of freshly delivered fruits and veggies until there is nothing left. This beast just happens to be a hydraulic press, and it’s how the juice behind these walls is made. 

You see, 1428 is not just a bright and cheery storefront—it’s Truce—Minnesota’s first fresh-pressed juice bar. Consider the hydraulic press the muscle behind it all; using it is the most efficient way of extracting and compacting every nutrient, vitamin, and mineral possible out of fruits and veggies. This means each bottle of Truce juice packs a more nutritious punch than its competitors using HPP or "High Hydrostratic Pressure." Using HPP may allow a longer shelf life for juices, but the process itself changes the healthful enzymes in unpredictable ways and kills good bacteria. Plus, when you drink a juice that was made even 5 days prior, the enzymes are no longer live, meaning you're not getting the healthy stuff you paid for.  Each 16 oz Truce bottle, however, has pounds upon pounds of fresh produce that have been pressed within 24 hours, using a method that does not change the healthful properties of the fruits and veggies being used.

But if the hydraulic press is Truce's muscle, then owners Blaire and Allie are most certainly its heart. Both want to bring freshly pressed juice to their community that's not only nutritious, but tasty. “It’s like flooding your body with nutrients and enzymes in a really delicious way,” Blaire explains of juicing. “People sometimes can’t believe it’s just fruits and vegetables.” Allie agrees: “They think: how much sugar did you add to this? But it’s just an apple.” By now we’ve probably all seen a green juice or three captured on Instagram, or the latest and greatest recipe Pinned on Pinterest. But as we learned when we interviewed its owners, Truce is about more than just buying into a fad; it's about making an investment in your health.

Allie and Blaire attended the same high school, yet it wasn’t until after college that they reconnected to discover their shared passion of health and wellness. “Our idea for Truce started as a casual conversation and then as we received more positive feedback, it became more serious," Allie explains.  The name Truce is both a play on “true juice”, and also a mission to “make a truce with your health and wellness.” Together, Blaire and Allie's conviction goes far beyond a fad. These women truly advocate for the amazing benefits of juicing and they told us their ultimate goal is to bring healthier living to their community. We sat down with them over a glass of champagne--because moderation really is the name of the game--to find out more about the benefits of juicing and what it's really like being female entrepreneurs in Minneapolis.

When did you start juicing? 

Blaire: I started juicing six or seven years ago. I think we’ve both always gravitated towards health and wellness. More than just juice, we both really have a strong investment in healthy living.

Allie: Yeah, I think we both really got into the juicing craze in college. Healthy living is a concept that's really been redefined over the last few years, and juicing is one aspect of that. 

What are the greatest benefits of juicing?

Blaire: It’s one of the easiest, fastest ways to get nutrients into your body. It’s kind of like flooding your body with nutrients and enzymes in a really fun, delicious way. 

Allie: It’s pretty painless. It’s not a huge time commitment. And I think people are surprised by the energy it gives you in the morning. Some people say they have swapped their latte for a juice and felt amazing the rest of the day.  

What is your favorite part of being a business owner?

Allie: I’d say it’s the opportunity to contribute something positive to the community.

Blaire: It’s really exciting to be able to shape something and put it out there and have complete control over everything. 

What has been your least favorite part of being a business owner?

Allie: Firing and hiring.

Blaire: Trying to make everyone happy and knowing that that’s never going to happen. Staying true to what you believe.

What advice would you give other female entrepreneurs?

Blaire: Both for being a woman and being on the younger side, I’d say to not be afraid to tell people “no." People will try and push you into changing your mind.

Allie: I feel like there’s a pretty good community of female business owners. It’s been a really positive experience.

Knowing everything you do now, what advice would you have given yourself 5 years ago?

Allie: I had just finished college, briefly moved to San Francisco and then come back here. I think I’d tell myself that you find the people you’re supposed to find at the right time.

Blaire: Be patient. Trust yourself. I asked myself often, “how can I impact the world around me, how can I make a mark on things?" In school it was really broad—like solving poverty—but on a personal level, it doesn’t have to be a big, huge undertaking. You can make a difference starting on a smaller scale. 

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Allie: I think we’ve both talked about what happens after juice because I’d like to think we’ll still have a huge juicing component but incorporate different food options as well. That was part of our meeting today, actually.

As our interview came to a close, we thought we'd sneak in our signature Scotch & The Fox drink question; this time with juice. We asked Blaire and Allie: "if you were one of your juices, which one would you be?"

"I know which one you'd pick," Allie says to Blaire, coyly. "The Vacay. It's good for you but a little playful." Blaire smiles. "Which one would I be?" Allie asks. "Roots," responds Blaire. "Grounded, serious, but with a little spice."

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Bike delivery: M, W, F. 8-12, simply call the store (612.825.1684) or order online