November Foxlist

OK, I think this fall has been one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. Maybe we're being "spoiled" or maybe we're being redeemed for all the novembers when we've already been buried in snow for 6 weeks, but this week has me all sorts of giddy. Plaid scarfs and spiked cider are still totally acceptable when the temperature hits a balmy 68 degrees, after all--in fact, they're made all the more sweet. Here are a few of my favorite finds for this month: from velvety red booties that can take you all the way til' March to V practical aromatherapy diffusers that will have your nose (and your heart) happier than ever.

1. Let's get down to business: I'm becoming a red lip lady. I don't always nail my application game, but NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella has been a pretty good partner in crime.

2. Oh, what's that? Your skin mimics that of a sea creature once the temps drop, too? This Ocean Salt exfoliating scrub smells as fresh as the ocean and leaves your skin as smooth as buttah. 

3. I've been jumping on the crystal/gem bandwagon lately, and titanium quartz is my new best friend. Reading about its healing properties and chakra-aligning benefits (take it for what it's worth,) I think it's as good a material as any to have next to my skin as a delicate reminder to breathe baby, breathe! I'm in love with my Power Titanium Quartz Cuff from Krimarino--an awesome lady who hand makes each piece with intense care.

4. Who says winter means you have to throw away your sunnies? Avoid that snow-glare with an affordable cat-eye from New York Glass.

5. If you haven't been reading your Didion lately, what are you even doing with your autumn?

6. Like Liz Lemon herself, I consider success owning multiple humidifiers. Luckily for me, that dream came true last week when I was sent a free aromatherapy diffuser from Guru Nanda. I kid you not, this thing is my new favorite everything--and if you know me, you know I don't feel obligated to write about free samples. (I don't have time to write about shit I don't genuinely love.) Regardless, a few drops of essential oil in this bad boy (lavender, please) and it mists your whole room with gently humidifying (and calming!) scent. 

7. Did I mention I've turned into a lady in Red this season? These tassle booties from Sole Society fit right in with that theme and are just funky enough to take my usual all-black/gray outfits up a notch.

8. Take it from a candle coveter: everyone who's smelled this Prosecco Rose candle has gone gaga over it.