October Foxlist


Here at Scotch & The Fox HQ, we're suckers for fall. Before it snows, before we become Vitamin D deficient and mired in holiday baking, there's this magic hour that actually lasts a month or two where colors burst against bright blue skies and the world seems to accept a hearty pause. It's a time to think, plan, and reset, and it's the perfect excuse to curl up with a good book, get organized, or get your face mask on. So here are 8 things to help you make the most of this month—and give yourself a little TLC in the process.

1. I've preached the powers of Dr. Jart before, and I stand by my obsession. His new Trans-foam Clay masks are perfect for when you can't decide between a cleanser and a face mask: the french clay starts as a mask and washes off as a foaming cleanser.

2. Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff is being touted as THE book to get your paws on, and after reading glowing reviews of it everywhere I looked, I decided to jump on the bandwagon. It tells the tale of a marriage from two perspectives in the tone of a Grecian-like saga, which makes it the perfect drama to curl up with in-between binge-watching your Shonda shows this fall.

3. I don't care who knows it, I'm happy athletic wear has become so impossibly prevalent. Who doesn't want a fashionable excuse to wear comfortable clothes? The Sport-It sweater dress from Athleta would look perfect paired with some comfy leggings and boots. Maybe a PSL, I don't know, I'm not planning your Pinterest photoshoot for you.

4. My goddess du jour, Lianne La Havas, returns triumphant with Blood, a worthy follow up to her gut wrenching debut. Tracks to download now: Tokyo, Midnight. Bonus: she appears at The Varsity on Oct. 6th.

5. Are you a planner freak? We can probably be friends. I bought this baby in two different colors last year (not proud of my paper product problem.)

6. Essential oils may be so 2005, but doTerra's are particularly of-the-moment because they smell like heaven and seem to genuinely work. I love all the scents but the Lavender and the On Guard (for immunity protection) are my favorite. On Guard smells like someone's grandma is baking cinnamon scones, so if it doesn't cure your cold, it will at least bring you a little comfort.

7. Lightly tinted, buttery smooth, and oh-so subtle, Sugar's lip tints are by far the best lip products I own. 

8. Want to give your significant other a pre-Halloween scare? Put on a sheet mask. Dr. Jart comes through for the win again on this one, with his ultra-hydrating masks which may make you appear mummified at first, but once removed reveal dewy, oh-so-glowing skin.