How Does She Do It? Young Artist Edition

Megan Fatherly is a young artist from England who reached out to me earlier this year. She is currently exploring the life of an artist, and we sat down for a chat over living a creative life and pursuing your artistic dreams as a young woman.

When did you first know you wanted to become an artist?

I've always wanted to recreate things that have visually stimulated me. As a child I was always making something. It has always been the thing I enjoy doing. I would say finding printmaking has really been a game changer for me because it calms me down and I find the whole process meditative. I had some amazing tutors on my foundation who taught me a lot about the process. I am so grateful to them for this. 

Who are some of the artists that inspire you the most?

There are so many! Malevich, Hannah Hoch, Sol Lewitt, Stanley William Hayter, Egon Schiele. The list goes on and on! I am also inspired by artists who use experimental mark making.

What does your artistic process look like?

I tend to go for a walk for inspiration. My work is very much influenced my patterns within nature and the chaos of the outside world. This is reflected in my work and the way I work. I use spontaneous mark making contained within shape to resemble the chaos and trying to control it. At times this very much resembles my mental state. I use my art as an outlet for this.

I love your portrait work. What makes a good subject in your eyes?

Something that has the ability to connect with someone on multiple levels. Through subject matter but also process, mark making and colour. 

What's inspiring you lately?

The work of recent falmouth graduates who I've been in contact with over the summer. I love collaborating with people and learning from their practice. The work of Sophie Eliza, Mimi Robson and Amy Hodkin in particular. Seeing their work has spurred me on in times of doubt.

What do you do when you hit artistic blocks?

Stick my head in the sand of cry. I don't deal with it well at all. I work 100% of the time as just crash. I have been finding new ways to deal with it recently through writing and talking to people. I put myself under a lot f pressure.

What advice would you give young women hoping to explore a creative life?

Just have a go. Art and creating is such a fantastic outlet an there are so many different avenues you can go down. It's expressing yourself in a new and exciting way.