Foxes, we need to talk. No, you’re not in trouble- but we think it might be best if you’re seated because this week at S&TF might get a lil’ uncomfortable. You see- we want to talk about money. We are going to have a chat about that glorious green which is also reportedly the root of all evil. Money, one of those topics no one is exactly eager to discuss. Like when I need to ask my parents for a tiny, little help one month and then show up with a new tattoo the next.  IT WAS PART OF MY BUDGET, I SWEAR.  But we aren’t just talking balancing the books and 401Ks (401 what? Amiright?), we want to talk about what wealth truly means and how finding it doesn’t require selling your plasma or donating eggs. Not that we haven’t thought about it.

The cat’s out of the bag- we live in America and we like to buy things. We are a consumer nation and goddamnit- I would be lying if I pretended a trip to target on a bad day doesn’t damn near turn that frown 100 percent upside-down. It’s the truth- but why? Why does buying a new nail polish every time I’m feeling low get me so high? I’m not kidding you, walking out of Sephora with a new bag of makeup and nail goodies has me in a state of euphoria I only wish I could bottle. And then sell for a solid 400 percent mark-up. But the question is: why? Why does it feel so good to spend money and buy nice things, when really- they’re just that: things. Now we aren’t saying there’s anything wrong with wanting nice things, because there isn’t. However, it may be worth thinking about the connection between our happiness and material goods.

What really makes us feel rich? The kind of rich that fills your soul, not your bank account. The kind that leaves you feeling at peace when your phone or computer is put away and you lay your head down to sleep and take a deep breath with gratitude and exhale with serenity. We believe that happens with or without the nail polish (it just seems better with, but… you know) and we want more of it. More quality conversations, less retweets. More life changing moments, less facebook updates. We think there might something to be said about the relationship between social media and the appraisals we make of our lives because of it. There has never been a day and age where comparing your life against someone else’s was so readily available. With instagram- you can literally see what someone’s duvet cover looks like. Honestly, what the hell? I want that duvet cover. No, I NEED that duvet cover. Wait, do you see where we’re going with this? So let’s take this week to find out what #gettingrich means to you.