A Mothers Day Letter to Ivy Eleanor

Dear Ivy,

This is our third Mother’s Day together and you’re still alive so I think we can agree the two of us are doing something right.  But then I look back on this past year and I think of all that we have done, all the bedtime stories we’ve read, all the adventures we’ve taken, all the fun we’ve had and I can’t help but think we are doing everything right.

Mother’s Day never seemed silly until I had you. Because now I realize that Mother’s Day isn’t about me. Sure, I still want my presents, and I’ll take those flowers, too, but today wouldn’t be for me if it weren’t for you. Thank you, Ivy Eleanor, for being the sweetest little girl I have ever met. Thank you, Ivy Eleanor, for the joy you bring to me every morning. Thank you, Ivy Eleanor, for forever saying “hold you” when you really mean, “hold me”. Thank you, Ivy Eleanor, for always telling me “it’s okay” and taking my face into your hands before giving me a kiss. Oh your hands. Your precious, tiny, little hands that fit so perfectly in mine. Thank you, Ivy Eleanor, for being you.

I can already feel my heart ache just a little, knowing you won’t always be this tiny.  Seeing the world through your eyes is the prettiest lens i’ll ever know. Sometimes it scares me how much I feel for you. Even before you were born, there was a fire for you in me that hasn’t stopped burning. You, my love, are the brightest light shining in my life. Thank you for being funny as shit constantly. Thank you for puking at the bar at PF Chang’s and always keeping it real.  Thank you for being the perfect amount of sassy and sweet, like some goddamn real life Sour Patch Kid. Being a mother is the greatest honor I’ll ever have and I thank you for giving it to me.

I love you more than either of us could ever know,