Namaste, or Should I Go?

It’s the dead of winter and since my New Year’s hangover is gone (bourbon) I’m ready to escape the tundra. I’m recently back from a trip but I’m antsy to go anywhere warmer already. I’ve done a thorough Pinterest search on where to go next and I so often find myself coming back to yoga retreats.

I’ve been in love with the idea of an ashram since Eat, Pray, Love  and aside from being tempted by the epic pasta scene, I think Bali was the most moving part of the movie. The beauty behind going away and explicitly taking time to just hear your own voice must be amazing.

But the cynic in me has to wonder—is this really worth it? What if it ends up like the substitute yoga instructor? You know—the one who comes in when your go-to is out and you just cannot jive with their pace and flow? Is that sentence in-and-of-itself a sign of my rigidity? Maybe I need this more than I thought?

And what happens after? Will I come home and konn marie my home?  Will my fiancé recognize my enlightened spirit or will I just revert to a shopping binge as soon as I have access to Amazon Prime again?

I still think it’s worth the trip but I think this is one of those things you really have to invest in. Is that contrary?

I’m still filtering out all the tequila from my pores but if you’ve got suggestions on where to go to re-center in a post-vacation vacation, I’m all ears!

Jess // @xojco