A fox is back. Ya know, again.

Image by @Hrudka

The thing is, writing is one of those things that doesn’t work until it just does. And by just does, I mean, you make yourself do it.

Maybe it’s a New Year’s fling, maybe I’m feeling like life’s getting a little too manageable so I need a wildcard, and maybe, I think this time around, it’ll work. But there’s some adage about persistance and whatnot. But I’ll skip that and assume you know that when we foxes write, it’s from the heart and when we don’t write, it’s because our brains have distracted our hearts.

So, while we’re here, learn and grow with us as we continue growing Scotch & the Fox, and be patient with us, too.

This time, it’s an adventure.

Usually with S & F we get so inundated with all the things we want to do/write/see/taste that we can’t possibly achieve them all. So we’re going to try to teach an old hound some new tricks and remix this beast until it tastes juuust right.

We’re going to adventure a little more, because exploring is good for the soul.

We’re going to talk about our feelings, because politics, hormones, word-vomit.

We’re going to talk about food, because it helps us metabolize the scotch.

We’re going to talk about alllll the other things we’re experimenting with because we need witnesses in case we break out in hives. Ya dig?

New year, same URL. That’s a good enough catalyst for us.

Jess // @xojco