Five Ways Mindfulness Can Help You in Your 20s

By Joshlyn Goepfrich

Your twenties are great…and also complicated. You have the choice to be whoever you want and do whatever you want. But, we tend to get distracted, derailed from our goals and visions; and we may get lost for a moment in the negative. With mindfulness, we can get back on track and muster up the power to create our own futures and be exactly who we want to be.

1.      Breathe. Life can be overwhelming at times and you may feel pulled in several different directions. Take a moment and just breathe. As you inhale, notice how your belly inflates and your lungs expand in your chest. As you exhale, feel your face soften, your upper body relax. That moment of mindful breathing helps ground you. It provides you with more clarity so that you can respond thoughtfully to the challenges you may face. 

  • Breathe before responding to a difficult situation
  •  Mindful breaths during a stressful situation help create clarity

2.      Set realistic goals. When you create a goal, also map out the steps leading up to it. Failing to achieve a large goal can be discouraging. Avoid this negativity by setting realistic goals that contribute to the success of your greater achievement; it will help you stay mindful of your progress.

  • Set smaller goals that serve as a road map to achieve the larger goal

3.      Be organized. Take pride in yourself and be mindful of your body and living spaces. Present yourself with confidence and “put yourself together” each day. Create a living space that you are proud to present. When you mindfully foster positivity in your environments and your physical presentation, that energy will radiate into all aspects of your life.

  •  Present yourself in a way that makes you feel proud

4.      Foster balance. Be mindful of where you are exerting your energy and how it affects you. Acknowledge when you need to pull back on commitments to center yourself. By mindfully creating harmony and balance in your life, you will be better equipped to serve others.

  • If you are burnt out at work, meet with your boss and ask for support
  •   If you are overwhelmed with social events, thoughtfully call your friend and let her know you’ll be sitting one out--take the time you need for yourself.

5.      Make wellness a priority. Take care of yourself by making mindful decisions about your health and wellness.  Eat foods that provide nutrients for your body as leafy greens, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fruits. Our static lifestyles can cause discomfort in our bodies; counter it by moving your body each day. Engage in activities that will make you sweat as often as possible. Even a 15-minute walk around your neighborhood will do wonders for your body, mind and spirit!

  •  Try to eat more whole, clean foods
  •   Get outdoors for physical activity and exercise

Mindfulness can be challenging but the more you consciously incorporate it into your day, the easier the practice becomes. Eventually, you’ll find it has naturally developed into your daily lifestyle. And a very happy lifestyle at that!