Natural Cures For What Ails You

Whether we deal with anxiety, road rage, or self-consciousness, it seems there's a homeopathic cure claiming to cure what ails us. While doing your research is always a good idea, we're pretty open to anything natural that can help us feel better. We put four well-known homeopathic cures to the test and were pleasantly surprised with the results. No matter how much stock you place in plant essences, positive vibes, or even the placebo effect, these four products are Scotch & The Fox approved to help you feel calm, happy & sweat-free! 

1. Although Dr. Bach's famous rescue remedy comes in everything from pastilles to throat sprays, we can't help but love an excuse to shake off nervous energy by chewing his orangey, citrus-flavored stress-relief gum. It may not fight cavities, but we've definitely seen it calm down a friend or two within a few minutes.

2. Wyndmere has been a trusted brand for essential oil aromatherapy for years. But did you know they make a Road Rage specific scent? Keep it in your bag and take a whiff whenever you feel a string of obscenities coming on, or simply use it to relax at home by pouring a few drops under bath water or mixing a little in with body lotion. Full of lavender and fresh peppermint, it smells like a (#$%@-ing) dream!

3. Super skeptical of natural deodorants? So were we. But before you throw in the (stinky!) towel, try Schmidt's. (We love the Lavender + Sage!) It's the only one we've tried that does the job it's supposed to do: keep you fresh-smelling and completely dry with all-natural ingredients. 

4. Dr. Bach does it again with his Original Flower Essences for Naturally Occurring Nervous Tensions. Can you say that 12 times fast? In essence, he created the Bach flower remedy system believing that things found in nature could very often help us psychologically and physiologically. Of the 38 plants he identified, we're particularly fond of Walnut. Its superpower? To help you "make or adjust to major life changes and fulfill your ambitions free from the influence of others." Um, yes please. 

Have you tried homeopathic or alternative remedies to stress, sweat, or even road rage? Let us know!