Stretch Your Mind, Body, & Soul

September. I don’t think there’s a month that could be more bittersweet. Those hazy summer days a Minneapolis fox lives for are coming to an abrupt halt. Before graduating, I used to love this time of year almost as much as I dreaded it. Packing away swimsuits and sunblock while pulling out boots and backpacks just seemed excitingly cruel. The changing of the seasons is always a profound transition. Each new season closes the last and pushes us forward whether we are ready or not. It may be hardwiring, but September always makes me eager to learn. The crisp fall air fills my lungs with an urge to buy a brand new box of Dixon Ticonderoga pencil no.2, a brand new journal to fill with seasonally shifting thoughts, and read a brand new book. But this year, that doesn’t feel like enough. My soul is ready to do some searching after the long summer recess. This month, we want to invite all you foxy ladies to join us as we take some time to focus on educating our mind, body, and souls together.

We are beyond excited to commence our soulful journey with none other than Ms. Lucia Yess, owner of Yess Yoga. Walking into Yess Yoga, you feel a sense of calm immediately. Admittedly, one is hard pressed to not feel that in most yoga studios- but there is something different about Yess. Maybe it’s the absence of mirrors lining the walls, or maybe it’s the total openness that drinks in the sunlight through the front windows- but either way, you feel a welcoming energy that can’t be beat. But the true light in Yess Yoga is the owner. Every once in a while, you are lucky enough to meet a person and feel like you’ve been friends for ages. Lucia is one of those people. Lucia exudes the most genuine sweetness that left us feeling so inspired. Her vision for Yess Yoga is to offer a space in her community that is inclusive to all. Lucia explains, “A big part of the work we do here is supporting the notion that everyone is welcome."  

Lucia also brings to the entrepreneurial table a seriously revolutionary doctrine for business-owning women. The belief that men and women must do business in the same manner is something Lucia doesn’t subscribe to. She thinks a little differently. Aside from bettering her community through yoga, Lucia is also the host and founder of Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs, a group that meets monthly to encourage and offer support to other female entrepreneurs who are at all different stages in their endeavors. Lucia explains, “Our society is very masculine; our world is very masculine. I believe here at Yess, a shift happens where we move into a more feminine, intuitive energy."

But at the root of Yess, we found a deep desire to better the lives of all the women who enter through her doors. We asked why Lucia chose not to display mirrors in her studio. Her answer spoke volumes, “I want to know how I feel in a yoga pose more than how I look. Yoga is about asking 'what can I do?' rather than asking 'what am I not?” Now that is a yoga studio Scotch & The Fox can get behind. 

Yess Yoga is located at 23 East 26th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota. More information and class schedules can be found here