Quiz: Which Famous Artist Are You?

Editor's note: Ever strolled through the rooms of your favorite museum and wondered why you're subconsciously drawn to some pieces more than others? Well, dear fox, it's probably because it's stirred something in you that relates to the nature of who you really are. Consider this SATF's version of a Cosmo quiz--except way more fun.

By Lauren McGinty

Cindy Sherman

Are you a Sherman gal? If so, you are probably a bit narcissistic. You like getting dolled-up and having your picture taken. You like putting on different personas and playing with your look accordingly. Maybe you’re a film-noir siren from the 50s on Thursday; perhaps a Renaissance damsel on Friday. You live for fashion and cosmetics, as they allow you to reinvent and adjust according to your whims--much like the chameleon photographer of the contemporary art world: Ms. Sherman. And you know what? If you’re looking particularly fly…you should take a picture. And then Instagram that shit.

Frederic Leighton

If you are a Leighton lady, you are languid and ethereal. And quite possibly a narcoleptic. You favor loose dresses and flowing robes of silk (all the better to take a catnap in while you dream of the hazy British Isles). Your hair cascades down your back, and your face is bare and glowing from within, because what could someone like you have to be worrying over? I actually yearn to be this nineteenth century lady of Classicist leisure…but ain’t nobody got time for that.

Gustav Klimt 

Ohh, you Klimt women. How fantastically colorful and vibrant you are, you bring to mind Symbolist nymphs and Secession era beauties! You practically ooze decadence, it’s just dripping off of your elaborate costumes and seductive gazes. You are artistic, creative and not a stranger to the raptures of love. However, you tend to let the men in your life dominate you and practically swallow you whole. Don’t bother – you’ve got enough pizzazz on your own, you don’t need a man to define your fabulousness.

Alex Katz

So, you’re a female of the Katz persuasion, eh? Then you are surely a modern socialite with a Pop art sensibility. With your cool gaze and impeccable wardrobe, you are a style sophisticate just begging to have your visage hung on a wall. However, don’t let your haughty demeanor get the best of you, or you may shun people’s advances. Be aloof without being intimidating; be classy without being stodgy; and for god’s sake – don’t forget to smile once in a while!