A Writer's Advice On Defining Yourself

Writers or not, we all have the urge to define ourselves in neat, easily explainable packages. To sum ourselves up in some pretty one-liner, like we are walking mission statements on the resume we hand in to live our lives. Jenna McGuiggan says this is selling yourself short. 

Ms. McGuiggan is a teacher and writer who shares her personal story of feeling fragmented and struggling to define herself. I think anyone who's wrestled with similar feelings can relate to her story. She assures us that we are not our paychecks or our friends or our achievements. Those things are a part of who we are, but they are not who we are. She also encourages us not to want to be so easily defined. What a revelation! You don't need to be defined by a 140 character bio and furthermore why would you want to be. Our lives are complex and disjointed and a little messy, but that's okay. As Jenna puts it: you are your one thing. And isn't that great?