Haley Bonar's Last War

Haley Bonar has been a local indie darling for years, but her latest work Last War is sending her straight to national acclaim. The half-folk, half-indie singer with an ever-so-slight country starlet vibe goes more alternative on this record, her most avant garde to date. 

Newly sober and now more critically acclaimed than ever, the red-haired rock darling starts off the album's title track, "Last War," with an ominous baseline and the blunt observation "Well it's not as cold up here/as you may recall." On "Kill the Fun," Bonar lifts the melodic mood, but her lyrics remain deadpan and unapologetically honest. "You'll be here til morning/you will get back on the plane/go back to the world/where you never knew my name." And on "Bad Reputation" she muses, half happily, half heartbroken: "I wish I could date my former self/She'd be a fun girlfriend."