Sisters and Friends

Many girls refer to their close friends as their “sisters,” even if they already have actual blood sisters of their own. To me, that’s just selfish. Growing up as an only child, I often fielded questions like, “Do you wish you had siblings?” or “What is it like being an only child?” The truth is, I don’t know a family life that is different than my own. If I asked a person with siblings what their life would be like never having brothers or sisters, it would be a very weird and perplexing question. 

I have a few friends that I would call anytime of the day or night, for any reason, and if they didn’t answer, I would continue to call repeatedly until they did. That disregard for basic social decency is what makes those girls not only my best friends, but also my sisters. Even though we’ve never all lived in the same house, I feel a bond with those friends that must be similar to what it’s like to have sisters. I am fiercely loyal, to the point where sometimes it comes back to hurt me. I can’t quit a job, I can’t say no to a favor, and I will never let go of a friendship that is significant to me. Regardless of if we live in different states and see each other twice a year, or if we live in the same city but still need to schedule time to hang out, each time I see one of those girls again, it feels like seeing family.   

And so, to my friend-sisters, here is what you need to know: You are stuck with me for the rest of your lives. You know my darkest secrets, my strangest quirks, and things about me that not even people with whom I share DNA know. If you ever do me dirty, I will die, and then rise from the ashes to become your friend again. Additionally, I have an entire catalogue of blackmail to threaten you with, not that I ever would, but still. I know you better than you know yourselves, and you know me better than I know myself. What could be more like family, like sisters, than that?