Top 10 Reasons Your Sister Is Probably The Best

1. They Answer Your Mom’s Annoying Questions on Your Behalf

You know those times when you’re stuck in the car to grandma’s and mom keeps asking if you’re having fun and what you’re thinking about? Well a sister can say, “Yes!” and “Nothing!” for the both of you. Hello, iPod.

2. Shopping in Each Other’s Closets

Having a sister means you’ve essentially doubled your wardrobe. Now the trick is to not spill, snag or pit-out in her dry-clean only blouse.

3. Texting.

Besides the fact that your emoji game is strong, your texts mostly consist of, “SO gassy,” and “drunk, eating”

4. Face Timing.

So you want to Skype but don’t want to leave that flattering horizontal position? Good thing you’re just talking to your sister … Go ahead and let that double chin take front and center.

5. No Bodily Topic is Off Limits

You might as well share a body because you know EVERYTHING that’s going on right now. (See number 3 for further clarification.)

6. Sharing a Bed

Whether it’s a relative’s creepy guest bedroom or camping in a tent, you’ve always got someone to spoon or force to take pee breaks together. (Hold the flashlight lower, dammit.)

7. Talking in Code

It’s undocumented and made mostly of eyebrow raises, side gazes, made-up words and laughter. No one gets it but you’re both on the same page.

8. They Want Dessert Just as Much as You Do

There are no guilty or disapproving looks as you walk by the display case. Bonus: you can share everything.

9. They Know Exactly What to Say

When things get tough their words of encouragement keep you going. Most of the time it’s “that sucks,” “you’re so pretty/beautiful/hottt,” and “let’s get wine.”

10. You Can Live Vicariously Through Them

As a younger sibling you get the unique opportunity to party with the “older kids” way before your time. As an older sibling you get the chance to relive your glory days by staying up past 10pm to go out with your sister and her friends.