Malbec, Jessica

What does Scotch & The Fox mean to you?
It means vulnerability and strength can rest together without competing against each other.

Describe yourself in 5 words or less:
Curious, serious, dreamer, planner, bossy.

What's playing in your car/iPod right now? 
There’s always a mix of Adele, Beyonce and The Black Keys available.

Tell us about the last dream you remember having
I was wandering through a school trying to get something done, but I couldn’t get the people to follow directions. I was annoyed, and went to get a hot cocoa

If you were a nail polish, what would your name be?
Necessity Red

How have you grown as a woman in the past 5 years?
I'm more conscious of the grand scheme-- more willing to invest in the harder choices for the greater outcome. I'm gradually accepting that I can't control time, and appreciate how good sleep and water are to my well-being.

You're throwing your dream dinner party. 6 people dead or alive can come. Who's on the list?
Mindy Kaling, Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Beyonce, and Audrey Hepburn. 

What's your go-to outfit? 
Black leggings, striped boater shirt, leopard flats, black cardigan.

You're President for a day. What's the first issue you tackle?
Renewable energy

What's on your pizza?
Mushrooms, goat cheese, onions and garlic.

Why is red wine your drink of choice?
I’m always discovering bottles that I love. When it tastes good, it’s smooth and enjoyable— not something you need to rush through and it basically goes with every meal.

What's your favorite thing about St. Paul? 
There's so much history here, which means there are so many stories and lives buried in the bones of the city. There are gorgeous historical mansions that remind you that there is more to life than just this moment-- the todays, yesterdays, and tomorrows make up a life that will come and go and someday also be a part of the telling of St. Paul's tale. It's gothic and dark but I find it all so romantic, because in the end, everyone has a story to tell, it's just that a few-- the Fitzgeralds and the James J. Hills-- gain notoriety, but that doesn't make ours any less beautiful. Our stories are just built into the stones.