Bubbly, Emma

  Playful, cheery, refined. 

Playful, cheery, refined. 

What does Scotch & The Fox mean to you?

Authentic expression.

Describe yourself in 5 words or less:

Vivacious, compassionate, funny, anxious, loyal

What's playing in your car/iPod right now?

Nina Simone's Finest Hour, Pusha T: My Name is My Name, Shakira's Laundry Service (the original copy I bought in 7th grade) and a mix my boyfriend made me.

Tell us about the last dream you remember having.

I almost always remember my dreams--last night I was on a flight to Panama.

If you were a nail polish, what would your name be?

OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener, because, strength.

How have you grown as a woman in the past 5 years?

I was really unhappy 5 years ago but was working my way through it. In the process I learned a lot about myself and the people around me. If you aren't happy right now it's okay--I promise--time gives the gift of perspective and profound growth.

You're throwing your dream dinner party. 6 people dead or alive can come. Who's on the list?

My mom's mom Charlotte who I never had the chance to meet, my great aunt Virginia, James Gandolfini, Etta James, Joan Didion, MLK.

What's your go-to outfit?

High waisted jeans, cashmere sweater, vintage fox stole, black leather booties.

You're president for a day. What's the first issue you tackle?

My 77 cents to a man's dollar // Gun control // Global climate change

What's on your pizza?


Why is bubbly your drink of choice?

Because it's not really gin season yet.

What's your favorite thing about MPLS?

It's home.