Whiskey, Molly

What does Scotch & The Fox mean to you?

Classy, intelligent women. My grandmother used to drink scotch (my mom's mom) and she happens to be a very classy woman.

Describe yourself in 5 words or less:

Adaptable, curious, compassionate, self-aware, moody

What's playing in your car/ipod right now?

Gary Clark Jr. & Caroline Smith

Tell us about the last dream you remember having:

I travel constantly in my dreams--so there were tornados, water and planes involved

If you were a nail polish, what would your name be?

Street Style Black

How have you grown as a woman in the past 5 years?

I have learned where my emotions come from--why I'm happy, angry and anxious or upset. And although I still have moments of deep anxiety or frustration, I know how to make myself happy again and have an acceptance of how I feel. In a sense--much more grounded and aware of me.

You're throwing your dream dinner party. 6 people dead or alive can come. Who's on the list?

Paul McCartney, my mother, Barack Obama, my grandfather (I never met), and my two living grandparents.

What's your go-to outfit?

Black--skinny jeans, sheer top, leather jacket, booties

You're president for a day. What's the first issue you tackle?

The environment!

What's on your pizza?

Gluten-free crust--supreme!

Why is Whiskey your drink of choice?

Because it's good for any occasion.

What's your favorite thing about MPLS?

Arts, food, lakes, bikes--don't make me pick!