Apple Juice, Ivy

What does Scotch & The Fox mean to you?

I don’t know! What are you talking about?

Describe yourself in 5 words or less:

I’m funny. Happy. Silly. Fun. Woohoo! I’m mad.

What's playing in your car/iPod right now?

Beyoncé. (Pronounced “Beee-On-Say”)

Tell us about the last dream you remember having.

Puppies and kitties and rainbows.

If you were a nail polish, what would your name be?

Umm, blue. Yeah, blue nail polish.

How have you grown as a woman in the past 5 months?

Hmm, I can color. Open the door. I go potty in the potty.

You're throwing your dream dinner party. 6 people dead or alive can come. Who's on the list?

Daddy and Mommy. Sophia, the one who’s in my school. Preschool, did you remember my school? Yeah. Aunt Kitty. Me, because it’s my house. Nana and Bapa because I want them to come to my party.

What's your go-to outfit?

A dress, because they are pretty. Umm, and heels. And an Elsa braid. (Editor’s note: heels refer to her favorite pair of sandals)

You're president for a day. What's the first issue you tackle?

No going outside without mommies.

What's on your pizza?

Quesadilla cheese.

Why is apple juice your drink of choice?

Because it’s good and sweet.

What's your favorite thing about MPLS?

Downtown, because I like to see the buildings downtown. And I love going to fish at the lake with fishing poles and daddy. I like to go swimming, too. It’s the best because I just love it.