Sour Beer, Isabelle

What's playing in your car/iPod right now? 
Avett Brothers, Kurt Vile, Cat Stevens, Beach House.

Tell us about the last dream you remember having
It was a parking anxiety dream (I love public transit). One big mess of skinny streets and ambiguous signs. 

If you were a nail polish, what would your name be?
Blue moon.

How have you grown as a woman in the past 5 years?
 I'd say I've begun to carve out a sense of self: the one I am right now, what I enjoy doing, reading, listening to, wearing--as well as the self I'd eventually like to grow up to be. 

You're throwing your dream dinner party. 6 people dead or alive can come. Who's on the list?
J.K. Rowling, my sister, my best friend, the object of my affection (currently unaware of said affection), Haruki Murakami, and his guest of choice.

What's your go-to outfit? 
Jeans, tucked-in button down, felt boots, one braid.

You're President for a day. What's the first issue you tackle? 
Climate change

What's on your pizza? 
Ricotta, ‘shrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh mozz.

Why is sour beer your drink of choice? 
I love how taprooms approach the sour beer differently. There's such a range of mouth-puckering, vinegary, and strawberry-sweet sips--each brew introduces a different character. 

What's your favorite thing about Minneapolis? 
The view from the Guthrie’s Endless Bridge.